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    • Shannon Gayheart
      Great Sermon!
      I was encouraged greatly Thank you brother
    • DL
      Great Sermon!
      This series on the "thorn" has been very enlightening. I think every one could benefit from listening, because we all have some of these problems.
    • Denise Choate
      Great Sermon!
      Great message. The ministry of the thorn. Very good. Thank you.
    • Steve miller
      Really helpful. Balanced and challenging
      The part where it spoke of the hidden man of the heart was tremendous. Brand-new information for me thank youBrand-new information for me thank you
    • H Hudson
      Excellent Sermon!
      Brother Doug does a great job explaining that part of Rev. 20. He gives us strong insight in looking at what we as Christians can expect in the last days, which seem to be coming faster in these years. But we also have strength in what Christ Jesus has in store for us in those days. Very encouraging if you're "born again".
    • soul risk
      Great Sermon!
      If you vow to be married "til death do you part," perhaps this vow before the face of God would be better left out since so few can find a way to stay together. Doesn't the Bible state to take no vow lightly? If we vow "til death" but we really mean, "til sin tears us asunder" perhaps pastors and couples should be more honest to God and state it this way. Also, omitting the "let no one put us asunder" would be important to exclude.
    • Samuel
      Great Sermon!
      It is real inspiring message, will take you to spiritual heights and give you courage to stand for His cause. It has blessed me.
    • charles
      Great Sermon!
      Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice with trembling. Psalms 2:11
    • Chanel Trahan
      Great Sermon!
      I just moved back to this area after living in FL for 9 years. I googled Doug and found this website. One thing I have always loved about Doug's ministering is that he has always called himself a teacher. This sermon shows that he still preaches AND teaches the word of God. I never looked at this part of John Ch 17 in this manner before. How humbling to me to realize that Jesus Christ, the son of the Living God, was thinking of me during this prayer. I can't wait to get back to church.
    • Pastor Andrew Webb
      Great Sermon!
      It's seldom that you hear such a convicting sermon preached with such power and clarity or a preacher who dares to express sincere and righteous anger at sin. I heartily recommend this sermon!
    • Norman Smith
      Great Sermon! Just what i needed
      Thankyou brother Agnew for this sermon which was so applicable in my own pilgramage as a Christian.I am very lonely. All my Christian life i have yearned for warm Christian fellowship ,and i have come to the conclusion it hardly, nay,even doesnt exist!I am among the congregation at my church..but am lonely.I write encouraging comments to sermons on Sermonaudio..and am lonely.I work hard for my customers...and am lonely.I witness in outdoor evangelistic work...and am lonely.I realise that it is quite common for some of the saints,from Paul to have suffered loneliness.And above all,the Lord Jesus Christ Himself knew loneliness. So i encourage myself in the Lord.Thankyou.
    • Hank Hudson
      A wonderful sermon
      A great message on the Fear of God thatevery Christian needs to hear. To know the Holiness and Perfection of our God gives us strength to live a life that pleases God. Most of us don't know the deep love God has for us when we show Him the proper fear we hold for who He truly is.