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    • Mark S H
      Great Sermon!
      Great message on right means and motives, thank you!
    • Arulnesan A
      Good Seromn about Sin
      Pastor clearly explained mans first sin. If you want to know why God shown his grace upon mankind's over fallen Angels, in This sermon pastor gave one hint for that. Also pastor clearly explained how sin travels from Satan to Eve then Adam. Fellow believers spend one hour to listen this sermon and understand the Man's first sin.
    • robin
      Great Sermon!
      Excellent! So thankful to hear, after many years of being married YES selfishness is a core issue. Also men in my social circle have no idea how to be true keaders in their family.
    • Joe Dekat
      WHAT a sermon!
      What a wonderful sermon, full of the truth of our sovereign Lord's truth, perfect will and grace towards us via our inheritance!
    • Mwenya Chansa
      Great Sermon!
      loved hearing about J.C.Ryle and have been blessed by it, can one be a member of this page?,..
    • Mark Richardson
      Greatly blessed by this message, Bart!
      Pastor Bart,I absolutely love J. C. Ryle for my personal stimulation and share many of his writings with male inmates I serve as a chaplain at a county jail through Prisoners for Christ Outreach Ministries, here.Your sermon was really helpful as I love the historical foundation and cultural background around his ministry which you shared so clearly. I took notes during your sermon using Evernote. I saw the note about this message from SermonAudio.Com on Facebook.Thanks again for preaching this message, Bart! You might be interested in clicking over to my blog
    • Roel Dijkstra
      Great Sermon!
      Jeremy,Thanks!It's right from my heart, but what's more: right from the Word of God! Also in the Netherlands there are these sounds! God bless you!
    • Sinner saved by grace
      A helpful foundation to a Biblical understanding of the Lord's Day
      This sermon lays an excellent foundation for understanding the Biblical background of keeping the Lord's Day. Understanding the covenants and the heart of God in establishing the Lord's Day is vital to knowing how to go about keeping it in accordance with His word.
    • Jason Sanchez
      Great Sermon!
      Thank you for the time you put in researching this movement. Your message was delivered in a loving, intelligent and balanced way; showing both the good points and bad points of "New Calvinism". Thank you and may God bless you.
    • Deb Jones
      Excellent sermon! Thank you for the encouragement
      I was unable to get to church the AM and it was wonderful to be able to still worship.
    • michaelk
      Great Sermon!
      Very of the very few that get it....amen
    • Thomas Sullivan
      Jonathan Edwards - misunderstood
      Pastor Walker touched on something that is quite important in this message. The New Calvinists have a Calvinism that is closer to Edwards's thought than Calvin's. But I would add, a misunderstanding of Edwards. In 1962 Earl Pope wrote a PHD. dissertation with the title "New England Calvinism and the Disruption of the Prebyterian Church in 1837. In the future a budding theologian could write on "The New Calvinism and the Disruption of the Reformed Baptist Church." Both have strands of their theology that had a misinterpretation of Edwards at the root. Around 1837 it was Edwards on Imputation and the extent of the Atonement, and disinterested benevolence. In our day the beauty of God is held forth, as Edwards would have appreciated, but Edwards evangelism is either misunderstood or jettisoned. Ref. the pastoral discussion in front of an audience between John Piper and Iain Murray. {A God-Entranced Vision of All Things: 2003}both are Edwards students, but one simply would have no use for Edwards' sermons such as "Pressing into the Kingdom," or "The Manner in Which Salvation is to be Sought." This is a partial explanation why these "New Calvinistic" churches are so full of "converts."They really DON'T believe in total inability. This affects the "worship."
    • Bill & June Patton
      Very clear and concise sermon
      It is so refreshing to hear your clear presentation. What a blessing to have your sermons available for all to listen to on SermonAudio.
    • Ryan
      Great Sermon!
      What an awesome declaration of God's glory! This is definitely a man whom God has made full of his Subject.
    • James Johnson
      Helpful Sermon!
      As Christ was preached my heart was directed in loving the Lord Jesus more. Thank you for making the glory of Jesus shine bright in our dark age. We need this often.