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Evangelism is the key to reaching the lost for Jesus Christ and sometimes you need to use all the tools available. Digital media is a fast paced and fast growing industry leaking into all aspects of our society. Its brought into our homes in forms of music, movies, advertising, video games, and even in print. Its our job as a church to know the most effective ways to reach our growing and changing culture. Using the new forms of technology available we can effectively reach people for Christ in a way they are familiar and comfortable with
What Can You Do To Help Get A Life Media Ministry?

  1. Pray: The more we share the truth, the more spiritual heat that is applied to us. We need your daily prayers to help us take a stand.

  2. Refer: Please pass the word on. Share the links, post on blogs, email friends and family, etc.

  3. Copy: We do not copyright our media. The Gospel is our duty. Please feel free to copy and distribute to your heart's content.

  4. Give: Please help us to share God's Word even more with the world. Giving with a cheerful heart is #1, the amount is secondary.

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