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      Anna Knapp
      Well thought out sermon
      I am very thankful God directed me to this sermon during a random search today. I’ve been struggling with assurance and questioning my devotion to God and this Sermon was very clarifying for me. It has convicted me and given me much to think about. Thank you.
    • Samantha M
      Great Sermon!
    • Dan M.
      Exactly what the Spirit wanted me to hear
      God has strongly impressed upon me the need for a time of disciplined prayer in order to enter and enjoy His presence recently. The Spirit has moved several individuals in my home church already to point me in this needed direction. At the same time, my senior pastor has begun emphasizing the priority of prayer in our congregation! For me personally, it all started with this very passage that was preached. The Lord has confirmed many things I need to work on and share with my brothers and sisters. I give thanks to God for the message He laid on your heart!
    • H Hudson
      Helpful Sermon!
      This is a very helpful summary of the early history of mankind -- shows the early sin and later the path to overcoming sin through the line of Seth.
    • NC515
      Thought Provoking Q&A
      1. Contrasting Peter & Judas2. Can a true believer fall away3. The Gospel for DeistsInteresting presentation of these topics. The apoplectic approach to Deism reminded me of several books I have read by Francis Schaeffer. Apologetics is an effort to systematically inform (or correct) thinking. To logically examine a belief system and either strengthen it or dismantle it in an organized fashion. Seems like a very good starting point for a person who values logic and reason so highly.
    • Cathy
      Great Sermon!
      Thank u so much for addressing this topic.The suggestions for engaging Jewish friends in respectful dialog is just what I needed. Thx for the OT/NT references. DuH! Why didn't I think of that? Your message shows me how to proceed in preparing myself for a caring conversation with Jewish folks.I really appreciate what I learned from the easy to grasp concepts you presented. God bless you & thank you for the lessons.