Grace Baptist Church of Canton

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    • Carolyn Carrick
      I thank my LORD and Savior.
      I was in a far away place, and my Lord loved me, sought me and brought me to Himself. I now know that He loved me and chose me before the foundation of the world and drew me with love and grace. This message was such a blessing!
    • Teresa
      Great Sermon!
      Every Christian should hear this message! Especially helpful sermon on loving the brethren!
    • Benjamin Formerly Mephibosheth
      Thank You Brother
      Hebrews 3:13 would be my only small addition Hebrews 3:13
    • Robert Cook Sr.
      Very careful Biblical exposition without compromis
      Listened to the three sermons from October 2018 very much appreciate the clear unmistakable clarity by which you present theses difficult but necessary teachings in a crooked and perverse generation. Never let anyone dissuade you from the omni conditional nature of these responsibilities, even to the froward this is how we demonstrate our devotion to Christ.
    • D. Scott Meadows, Pastor
      Clarity and earnestness
      I love how clear and insistent this is on the gospel of God's free grace in Christ. Thank you, Pastor Charles!
    • Harry Murphy
      consider Him, our Lord Jesus, and not Calvinism.
      The sermon was good, until the pastor staring talking about Calvinism. The passage under consideration was Hebrews 12:2, 3 that focuses our attention upon Christ, and not Calvin or his followers. I believe that to interject Calvin and his followers into this passage is to do it a disservice. ThanksHarry Murphy
    • Anon
      Hope maketh not ashamed
      A word much needed and much appreciated. Thank you for such a gracious sermon guiding poor souls home out of the ruins. Not a change in circumstances is needed, but a change in heart so that we can say, like Mary, "be it unto me according to thy word."
    • Janine Elizabeth
      Great Sermon!
    • Pastor Raymond
      Great Sermon!
      I have found it harder at sixty three to finish well by reason of ministry setbacks over the forty years. I'm seeking God that I might honor Him and finish in triumph. Thanks again! God bless you always
    • Floridahank
      Powerful Sermon!
      Brother Mike does an excellent job showing us that we have a daily battle with the evil and destructive world that we live in. His description of the temptations are clear and his admonition to not conform is very helpful. By reading and studying the Holy Scripture, we can find help to overcome and be stronger in the Lord.
    • Pastor Herman Mills
      Great Sermon!
      God bless you pastor, for a wonderful sermon: I am a sovereign grace believer, and I am very happy to meet someone that teaches the bible as you do to the glory of God. Please keep up the good work. I came to know you for the first time today. Blessings. H. Mills
    • joy wilson
      Great Sermon!
    • vivian Boot
      Great Sermon!
      Thank you for this encouragement. True followers of Jesus hunger for sincere and genuine humility. Attitudes of superiority, competitiveness, and ignoring must be so grieving to Christ. They might be ok in worldly institutions. ..but clearly have no proper place in the church. May God enlarge our hearts! To His glory.
    • R L
      Great Sermon!
      Great Sermon
    • Mic76543
      Great Sermon!
      Thank you for this message, it was a comfort to a weary soul.