The Street Preacher

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    • A
      May they listen!
      Greetings from Australia, thank you for your faithfulness in spreading the Gospel.I pray daily for all all proclaiming the Gospel that seeds would be sown, hearts would be pricked and many would be saved.🙏
    • Rick James
      Great Sermon!
      Greatly blessed by this. A very good and clear sermon. Helped me as I’m a transitioning Baptist and Jimmy covered some interesting areas, some new angles also. Thank you Jimmy!
    • Jennifer Mason
      Beautiful Words of Wisdom
      I thank the Lord of Heavens for giving you so much insight into this passage of Scripture.You’ve said things I’ve never picked up before in this important passage of truth.
    • Robin
      Great Sermon!
      Convicting message, strong and true!
    • maureen
      Great Sermon!
    • Raymond
      Great Sermon!
      most timely & challenging for 2016
    • Ajay
      Wot, No Gimmicks?
      Thank-you.I appreciate your indoor sermons as much as your outdoor preaching.Quality Street?!! If you ever lose your voice, I hope you can do a bit better than that!( Queen Neff's 'amazing, performing Guinea pigs', perhaps?? Triple back-flips?)Keep authentic. Stay inspired. You're a genuine man of God - may He bless you and yours abundantly.
    • Ajay
      The Best Street Preachers in England
      Lovely to have you back, Sir. America's Loss ;)!!You may never know just how many people you have awoken from their slumber around here, but I hear lots of chatter about y'all. Many folks are listening and discussing OFF the radar - Praise God !! The rest is up to Him.
    • Ajay
      Highly Commendable
      Thanks Jim. I was deeply affected by your quietly powerful sermon. Bereavement can be such a difficult subject to talk about but you handled it with great sensitivity and understanding. Much appreciated. God bless you and your loved ones.
    • Wayne Rapley
      Great Street Witness
      'Whitefield preached with deep compassion for the lost. His Journal repeatedly records such sentiments as the following: “My heart was full of love, and people were so melted down on every side.” This was not emotional manipulation. He felt intensely the awful plight of the thousands who hung over the pit of hell as the Spirit cut deep grooves into their hearts. One man confessed to him: “I came to hear you with my pocket full of stones, intending to break your head; but your sermon got the better of me, and broke my heart.” “Oh, the righteousness of Jesus Christ,” he exclaimed, “I must be excused if I mention it in almost all my sermons.” George Whitefield.I had been pondering Whitefield's preaching as it is rare to hear God's Righteousness mentioned in many gospel sermons, then saw this gospel preaching on the street of Staffordshire 6th June. Reading the Pastor's twitter blog one gentleman who heard the gospel that day phoned him on the 7th arranging to meet up with Jim this Wednesday 11th June.Let us pray that Jim will be given great wisdom to deal with this man and may he seek and find the one thing needful-the Lord Jesus Christ!Great encouragement to providentially hear this today and may Jim be greatly encouraged in his street preaching!
    • Mary (bethel)
      Great Sermon!
      A good call to prayer from God thro Daniel, A precious fascility, from God to his people,Thanks Jim!
    • Mary
      Great Sermon!
      Good reminder were (sinners), The cross is the ans. God bless!
    • Stephen Holland
      Great Sermon!
      Great to listen. Very good points made. Do listen!
    • BWS
      Surprised! Objections
      Very surprised to see this view. Only very few, relatively modern commentators, since the late 18th century, have given this view. Objections: 1) Peter acted per Jesus command, "feed my sheep", not "impulsively". 2) The scipture demonstrates the Holy Spirit's leading through the apostles in this meeting. 3) Casting lots was God's means prior to Pentecost (shortly to come) for God-led decisions. 4) The qualifications of apostles as eye-witnesses of Jesus entire ministry, from baptism to resurrection, are given here, Mathias qualified candidate. 5) Paul calls himself "apostle to the Gentiles", not primarily to Israel which 12 signifies. Paul being called and sent to Gentiles, yet formerly a Jew, as a "light to the nations" per prophecy. 6) Was Peter a false teacher as an apostle? No, but an inspired prophet too!
    • Robert
      Great Sermon!
      A much needed word of warning for our day. James Hamilton makes it plain, we need to be praying much for our loved ones, our children and grandchildren, and for ourselves.