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It is our intent to glorify GOD with the teaching of His inspired and Holy Word. Much of the teaching offered here is presented from the original text and languages.You now have over 3800 video classes and over 5200 audio classes to help you further your studies in God's Word. Dr. Jim has Preached more than 10,000 messages during his ministry for the Lord and over 2900 messages at Valley Baptist Church. Discover The Word With Dr. Jim is not affiliated in any way with the Discover The Word Radio broadcast ministry or RBC Ministries.

A Word From Dr. James M. Phillips

Thank you for visiting the “discoverthewordwithdrjim” site.
Thank all of you again for your prayers . I would not be here today if it were not for your prayers.

I believe that I have had some of the greatest teachers that have lived in the last 500 years or even more. They were my tutors in God’s Word. Dr. H. T. Hubbard was like a father to me most of my adult life. We almost lived in the same house . We visited each other weekly for many years. Bro. Hubbard taught me 6 yrs of Hebrew in class and 9yrs of Greek in class. . I was a student at CMBI, a student teacher, and the professor of advanced Greek and Hebrew for several years. Studying & teaching at CMBI was one of the greatest pleasures in my life. I have never stopped being a student and I have learned more since I graduated than I did back then. All of my studies just gave me a license to learn. Bro. Farrar used to say, “ There is a time element to learning all we do here is to teach you how to learn. When you graduate with a doctorate all we will have taught you is how to learn. That’s all just a license to learn.” And I must say with Bro. Farrar ,” After you learn all the basics and the Bible languages, plus a few more to read the old commentaries , You have just then got a license to learn. That’s all just a license to learn.
By Christ’s merits only are we saved. We study God's Word to learn our places in God's service in this life.
For over 20 years I was privileged to teach and preach at Valley Baptist Church in Bakersfield, California. I had a wonderful place to teach God’s Glorious Word. I am very thankful to work in such a great church and labor with such dedicated men as these. During the last 20 years I have been blessed by one of my long time students Bro. Randall VandenHoek. He has taken over the websites and he is the webmaster rebuilding and restoring all three sites. Dr. Jim is now full time missionary and pastor of Discover The Word Missionary Baptist Church in Fish Lake Valley Nevada.. We also thank Brett & Tori Johnson, Cowan brothers, Gang Zang, Richard Brothers, Steve & Kathy Caldwell, Nancy Justice, and Jason & Christine Norton for their sacrificial faithful support of the web-sites.
All material on,, Discover The Word Missionary Baptist Church and is automatically copyrighted. Discover The Word with Dr. is not any anyway affiliated with the Discover The Word Radio Broadcast Ministries or RBC Ministries.

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