Covenant Of Grace Protestant Reformed

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    • Shadow Berean
      Excellent sermon on a point that so many overlook and misunderstand.
    • E
      Ed Sherwood
      Faithful exposition of Scripture
    • Aldo
      Great Sermon!
      Excellent message. Thank you.
    • J O
      How helpful! How Scriptural
      Seeking for help in a mixed marriage I downloaded this sermon and was again amazed to find the Lord pouring in the oil and the wine. Thank you for preaching such a searching, painstaking and Scriptural sermon. Much help, comfort, and challenge to make holiness our practice instead of murmuring.
    • J OConnor
      Wonderful sermon if you are struggling
      What a wonderful sermon. For those of us suffering (and sinning) our way through a mixed marriage, confused and unsure much of the time, I have found much hope and help in this very scriptural, sound, and methodical sermon. Tank you very much for keeping close to God's Word and for doing a service to the flock who are in this position. It can be a blessed position! I now understand this!
    • Aldo
      Great Sermon!
      Excellent message thank you.
    • Aldo
      Great Sermon!
      Excellent, excellent series!
    • louis
      Great Sermon!
      WOW, What a sermon. You didn't add or take anything away from the painted an awesome picture for all to see. glory, glory, glory.
    • Robert G.
      Great Sermon!
      Praise the Lord for your faithfulness, patience, and knowledge of the word. May this debate open the eyes of the deceived.
    • RD
      Great Sermon!
      Is it possible to post the audio of this sermon? I'm unable to listen in any format.
    • alana
      Great Sermon!
      God bless you! Awesome message! Thank you!
    • Hazi-Hammenuhoth
      Defence of the Truth
      I listened to this debate with great interest. It was inspiring and humbling to hear Angus Stewart holding fast to the Word of God despite strong opposition. Holding fast to the truth and showing the meekness and gentleness of Christ was a beautiful testimony, Angus. What was very clear to me is the confusion that comes in when men inject their own thinking and reasoning into debates on Divine matters. Anyone watching this debate will be able to see this: one man who is confused, perplexed and in doubt; another who's words (although delivered with varied emotion and cadence) did not stand up to the scrutiny of Scripture - and a third, quietly spoken, who patiently expounded the Scriptures; based his whole argument solidly on the Word of God, and firmly but faithfully answered all the questions that were put to him. Thank God for His Word, and thank God there are persons today who will stand up and defend it faithfully.
    • B. McCausland
      Convicting and beneficial Sermon
      Sobering realities presented for the believer's walk. When the Spirit is vexed God might leave churches to themselves which continue 'functioning' outwardly for a time before the great apostasy takes over. Sound approach and helpful teaching.
    • Robert
      Great Sermon!
      Thank you for this excellent message! Be sure to hear the Q & A session at the close! Praise God, salvation is of the Lord...!
    • jude newman
      Great Debate
      Thank you Pastor Stewart, you nailed them as it was 2 against 1.Truth always wins I am a former pentecostal, and thankfully was led to the truth. I have seen many reformed Christians who believe muslims are seeing Jesus. I don't understand as more than any others they believe in God's sovereignty in salvation. Unless the Spirit draws us and opens our hearts to receive the Gospel, we will never be saved.Why would Jesus suddenly bypass the Biblical way to salvation and personally appear. They talk about all these signs and wonders, I say... where are they. People do get healed today but not through going to a so called faith healer. Blessings. Arggh, I'm sure you don't think it is impossible to raise people from the dead.