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    • C
      Very Good Sermon
      Thank you!
    • Steven
      What about the church in Philadelphia?
      Revelation 3:10...: "Because thou hast kept the word of my patience (Christ's waiting to rule), I (Jesus) will keep thee from the hour of temptation (tribulation), which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth."This verse strongly suggests a pre-tribulation offer (rapture) as I understand it.How a believer understands God's Word (the Bible) in this case does not affect the believer's salvation. Our waiting for the blessed hope of the Lord Jesus' return, at any moment, should affect how we live though. That is another reason why I see more merit in a pre-trib rapture position over the other positions, which do not look for the Lord's possible return at any moment.
    • geoff
      Great Sermon!
      I was battling with suicidal thoughts and i heard this sermon just at the right time. Thank you.I now understand who they were coming from and have committed my way to The Lord.
    • Dr. Charles A. Stewart
      Who Populates the Millennium?
      Thanks, Pacman76706, for listening! Please read my previous comments for a fuller answer to your question. Let me say at this point that I find no clear evidence that ALL unbelievers will be destroyed at the Return of the King. We only KNOW for sure that it is those unbelievers who resist Jesus' Coming who are for certain destroyed at Armageddon. I suggest that those unbelievers elsewhere who are WILLING to submit to Jesus' rule will be allowed to enter into the Messianic Kingdom. Why would Jesus need to rule in His earthly Kingdom with a rod of iron (Rev. 12:5, 19:15) if only resurrected Believers inhabit the Kingdom? And if only the resurrected Redeemed inhabit the Kingdom, where do all the babies come from (Rev.20:7-9) that comprise the multitude led by Satan in his final rebellion? It appears that some submissive unbelievers are allowed into the Kingdom whose presence (and ultimate rebellion) will demonstrate conclusively the absolute depravity of fallen man even in the near perfect conditions of the Messianic Kingdom with Jesus visibly and gloriously reigning on the Throne of David in Jerusalem AND Who is assisted by glorified Saints in His reign!
    • Dr. Charles A. Stewart
      Thanks Giancarlos for your comment
      Thanks, Giancarlos, for your thoughtful comment. I am a BIG admirer of Dr. John MacArthur and have been for more than forty years. Anything he says MUST be taken seriously, and I ALWAYS do. However, it is his understanding of the identity and nature of both Israel and the church which lead him to embracing a pre-trib rapture. If this understanding is incorrect, so on this point, so will be his deduction of a pre-trib rapture. I hope he is correct, but remain unconvinced that he is on this point. Your quote of Dr. MacArthur, while relevant to the discussion, does NOT refute a post-tribulation rapture. If, as I suspect, the Holy Spirit will move in astonishing ways during the first half of the final seven years, He will position each Believer (willing to obey His voice) to the exact place in the world for him/her to have an optimal evangelistic ministry that will occur during the final half of the seven years. As God protected and provided for Israel during the plagues of Egypt, He will have no difficulty providing for the Faithful during the Great Tribulation. We will NOT hunker down in bunkers!!! We will stand on the rooftops and shout the Gospel...and consider it an honor to lay down our lives for the honor of our King! Come, Lord Jesus!
    • Pacman76706
      If the Poat-Trib Rapture theory is correct, who populates the Millennium?
    • susan nilson
      Great Sermon!
      very helpful
    • Ronda Lane
      Good Sermon!
      Good Sermon! Take every thought captive, and fight the good fight!
    • H Hudson
      Enlightening Sermon!
      The insight and principles laid out in this message are outstanding. They really bring together the 4 "secrets" that will make our prayer life much more effective and give us many blessings as we see our prayers answered. This message should be heard regularly so that these "secrets" will form our daily prayers, not only when we have needs, but to better communicate with God, who welcomes them.
    • Student
      Great Teaching!
      This teaching is what we Christians really need to know to be effective in evangelizing our neighbors who have questions about the difference between Islam's Allah, the JW's Jehovah, and the one true God of the Bible, Yahweh, who brings salvation.
    • Marianne
      Great Sermon!
      Excellent. Practical and helpful. Thank you.
    • G Emmanuel Churchill
      Great Sermon!
      Thank you Pastor Charles Stewart, This is indeed an excellent sermon, Scripturally based and empowering to live Victorious life. All praises and Glory to God! Amen.
    • An old friend from Kenosha
      Great Sermon!
      Dearest Marcy, I hope and pray that all is well. You may not remember me but, when I said I would love and pray form my friends forever- I meant it. I was lost but now am saved by our father by grace. I have never forgotten about you or any of my class mates from bose elementary. Know that I care and by the power of the lord I pray for us all.
    • Dan Sharp
      Great Sermon!
      This was one of the most helpful sermons I've ever listened to. Thank you!
    • Monika S. Casey
      Great Sermon!
      Appreciated the distinction between happiness and blessed, and the explanation of the root words and translation problems.