Presbyterian Church of Cape Cod, OPC

Welcome to Presbyterian Church of Cape Cod
The Presbyterian Church of Cape Cod (PCCC) seeks to recapture and reflect historic Reformed worship which was distinguished by its understanding that worship is before all else a meeting of the triune God with His people. When we assemble for worship we come before God Himself, approaching His throne of grace and mercy solely through the mediation of our Saviour Jesus Christ whose presence binds us to one another in divine love.
As the only acceptable worship that which God has prescribed in His Holy Word, we strive to regulate the elements of our worship by that infallible rule and close our ears and eyes to what may be acceptable by worldly standards. While all parts of our worship have their proper place, we give a prominence to the preaching of God’s Word as that time when God speaks to His people through the mouth of His chosen servant.
We cordially invite you to join us for worship and fellowship this Lord’s Day. Come and hear the good news of salvation for sinners provided by God in the work of His Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Rev. Dr. James A. La Belle, Pastor

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Presbyterian Church of Cape Cod, OPC 2391 Iyannough Rd. West Barnstable, MA 02668
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(712) 432-3410
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Sunday School 8:50 am Sunday Worship 10:00 am Sunday Afternoon Study 4:30 pm Wednesday Prayer Meeting 6:30 pm