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    • Yolanda
      Excellent Sermon!
      Nothing to be added. Just be careful how you hear.
    • Lottie
      A 'Need to Hear' Message
      Thank you, Pastor Eric, for this sermon.
    • Lottie
      Great Sermon!
      Thanks for the series. Good information on the different meanings of the word "world" as used in the Scriptures. Good information on worldliness, more to it than I thought.
    • Patsy Easton
      Great Sermon!
      great teaching on His perfect Favor and Grace, and His Union of Truthalways thankful I can re-listen to the teaching by our shepherd-Eric
    • F. Parak
      Uplifting my soul
      I love the statement... "it is a life-time of choices that actually demonstrate the gospel!" Thank you all for praying for my sister, as we confidently seek the glory of God and the hope of her safe return! In active search and prayer!
    • F. Parak
      Sermon that was preach Jan 12, 2014
      The sermon that was preach Jan 12th was a blessing beyond blessings. Two timeless truths stood out. 1.) God gives us the Holy Spirit so that we can go through suffering and portray a accurate picture of Christ. 2.)There is more Grace and Mercy in God then their is sin in us. A forgiven sinners hope rest in the cross, the death, the burial, and resurrection of our Risen King! What a powerful message we bear!
    • F. Parak
      What a joy!
      This is my hearts desire. What joy we have in serving the Lord in every area of life. There is no task unimportant to God, for His glory can be displayed in and through it all.
    • fparak
      A good place to be
      I love the truth mentioned... When our heart is troubled we are in a Good place! Because it is a place of dependency on the One who suffered most, and His Joy came from His obedience to God. Amazing! How trouble circumstances is a grace in our lives, if we allow it to lead us closer to Jesus.
    • F. Parak
      Out of so many sermons, this one has been the most convicting and really it is true, when we think of Christ and His humility and His purity then do we truly begin to see ourselves as we really are. Our need to die to self. God thank you for these truths!
    • F. Parak
      God`s has the finel Word
      I am grateful for these "timely" truths!. It seems there are always going to be circumstances in life, that are bigger then we can understand but running to God`s Word reminds me that grace is there and?God does not want our hearts to be troubled, but trusting...
    • F. Parak
      A great need
      I needed to hear the part about being a good listener. Both my husband and I are in agreement we both need to do this so much more, in every relationship we are given.
    • F. Parak
      A wonderful truth!
      Understanding how God uses others to speak into our lives, and how we are to view them as such, has helped me a great deal. It is a pointed reminder.
    • Dan Coffman
      Great Sermon!
    • N. Ankrom
      Great Reproof
      I really learned a lot from the Beattitudes sermon. I loved hearing the specifics about idol worship. Most pastors won't give specific examples as you have. Looking forward to growing and listening to other sermons