Briarwood Presbyterian Church

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As senior pastor of Briarwood, what a pleasure it is for me to welcome you and share some of the incredible things God is doing among our people. When I came here in 1999, I knew that I was coming to the birthplace of the Presbyterian Church of America and was cognizant of Briarwood’s long heritage of sound preaching and teaching and deep passion for reaching the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Beyond that, I now know that Briarwood is a joyous, warm, sincere body of believers who open their arms to lovingly enfold God’s family. I see God’s transforming power as we labor together to expand His Kingdom and to “know Christ and to make Him known.” And I know that we are a people committed to celebrating Jesus Christ, His life, death, resurrection and triumph over sin so that, by His grace, we can be saved.

Thank you for your visit. My wife, Cindy, and I, along with our staff and Welcome Team, are eager to meet you and to answer any questions you might have. Please let us know if we can minister to you in any way.

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