Ballyclare & Doagh Free Church (Cont)

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    • Elena
      Great Sermon!
      Amen. The lamb has vindicated the church and bound satan. The devil is held on a symbolic chain and lets loose in the final battle. Christ's obedience led the way for the saints who cried under the alter of the throne “How long must we wait? Our Saviour reigns now as our King alone. Thank you. The first FCC minister ive heard with a partial preterist view on the revelation. We are the heavenly Jerusalem awaiting new spiritual bodies. Death was defeated by crushing satan at the cross. Such a joy to hear all victory belongs to us now. We are to lead the nations with the light of the gospel message.
    • J
      Jerrod Hess
      Edifying word
      I have benefited much from your plainness in preaching, thank you for your labours. Blessings from Greenville FCC
    • J
      Jerrod Hess
      Very Edifying Sermon
      A trumpet blast to the people of God to reform our lives individually, and thus corporately in the family and church. Praise to God for your labours
    • Neil Beatson
      Great Sermon!
      faithful and solid food for such a time as this-- thankyou,Brother.
    • David and Karen Biser
      Great Sermon!
      Your quilt is great, and you've lived with a sense of it for a long time. You've tried everything to free yourself from it; atheism, psychology, and good works, yet your guilt and shame are ever with you. There is only one who can deliver you from this horrible burden, and you must cast yourself upon Him without delay, for your case is desperate. Run to Jesus now, believing in His goodness, mercy, and power to save to the uttermost. He alone can set you free from your burden, and He will do it, for He has said "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." (Matthew 11:28)
    • Km
      Great Sermon! Christ exalted!
      I'm very excited about this series on psalm 110. I was just telling my family last night that psalm 110 is my second favorite psalm with Psalm 2 being the first. May Christ be greatly glorified in the preaching of his word!
    • B. McCausland
      Beneficial considerations
      This sermon deals with the realistic / tangible aspects of God's sovereignty in the day-to-day developments of our lives, deriving lessons from specific instances in the life of the patriarchs. Quite helpful. Thanks
    • Raymond
      very timely and needy today
      Excellent dealing with this passage
    • Rachel
      Great Sermon!
      Thank you for this timely and incisive message. Jesus has won the victory - "trust the promises of God" - Amen!
    • Paul Meredith
      Tremendous Gospel Message!
      "The grandeur and glory" of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this Old Testament chapter. What a blessing to hear it preached so clearly!
    • Mark Fitzpatrick
      A very instructive and useful introduction to this book of Leviticus.
    • Bob Sweeney jr
      Great Sermon!
      I was hungry , and you fed me. I thirsted , and you shared with me living waters. I am nothing but a landscaper , a yard servant but I am all through a thrice holy god that made me alive and through his son . We be far apart but close in spirit and am thankful for the feasting I have had while hearing the good news. I recon that if nowhere elce but heaven we might have opportunity to worship and be brothers indeed through Christ and him crucified . I just wanted to say to you , keep up the fight, at least in spirit I'm holding your arms up . From a fellow servant a long way from you
    • DRM
      Great Sermon!
      What a blessed and necessary sermon for our time. I highly recommend it for all Christians.