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    • Jennifer Mason
      Great Sermon!
      I truly appreciate the way you’ve treated this ominous time of year. But, this holiday’s foundation was based upon paganism and if the foundation was built on sand, why are we as believers desiring to pour new wine into old corrupt skins?
    • Louise Dreves
      Great Teaching!
      Thank you for this teaching. I know Scofield was instrumental in bringing in the gap theory heresy through his notes. But I did not know he regretted these notes and tried to change them before they were published. Could you please send me any links or documentation on this? I can't find it anywhere. Thank you Preacher Brown.
    • Jeffrey
      Great Sermon!
      Thank you for this message Paster Brown I've listened to this 3x. I have to repent for some of the things I've said about Pres. Obama. A lot out of my own prejudices without doing the research. This president has not solve all our problems but he is taking them head on.
    • Lynne Messerer
      Great Sermon!
      If Christians, especially in the South, would really hear this message and take GOD at HIS word. Thank you for not speculating, but just presenting what GOD says.